DIY Canvas Stretcher Bars

DIY Stretcher Bars Set

Each set of DIY Stretcher Bars consists of the following; 
- 4x Wooden Bars
- 4x Frame Strengthening Inserts
- 4x Corner Pins
- Hanging Accessories
- Thumbtacks


How to Assemble

Assembling your own stretcher bar frame couldn't be easier! All you need is a small hammer and a pair of scissors. Everything else is provided in the DIY Stretcher Bars Set. For a quick guide on how to assemble the DIY Stretcher Bars, please refer to the infographic and watch the video below.




Things to Note

1. Each set of DIY Stretcher Bars is good for 1 canvas print. If you've ordered 3 canvas prints, you'll need 3 sets of DIY Stretcher Bars. 

2. To frame a print using the DIY Stretcher Bars, an additional border is required so that the bars can be properly affixed onto the canvas. We will automatically add this border to canvas prints that are ordered together with a DIY Stretcher Bars Set. 

3. Please take care when affixing the stretcher bars onto the canvas. Some degree of precision is needed to ensure the stretcher bars are properly aligned and affixed onto the canvas. Once the stretcher bar is pasted onto the canvas, we would not recommend removing it as this may damage the canvas. Please pay special attention to the video above showing how to draw the guide lines onto the canvas. 

4. As the stretcher bars are made from natural wood, there may be very slight unevenness or difference in colour. These will not be visible and will not affect structural integrity once the frame has been assembled. 

If you require any further assistance or guidance on how to assemble your DIY Stretcher Bars, please reach out to us here


The DIY Stretcher Bars Set can be purchased on its own here or as an optional add-on to any canvas print.